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  • What is Startme Fellowship?
    Startme Fellowship is an award given to entrepreneurs who successfully complete the program. Entrepreneurs who successfully complete the program are rewarded with the Startme Fellowship Certificate. Startme Fellows have the privilege of participating in all Startme events indefinitely after the program and accessing the Startme database. This is a structure like an alumni association, which means that entrepreneurs who graduate from Startme are a privilege that can constantly benefit from the opportunities we offer.
  • What does it mean to be successful in the program?
    Successful in the program means actively participating in the modules, completing the assigned tasks completely and on time, and generally adapting to the program. Our success criteria include entrepreneurs contributing effectively to the dynamics of the program, putting the training provided into practice and taking an active role throughout the program. Entrepreneurs who fully comply with the program and achieve the determined goals are deemed to have successfully completed the program and their success is rewarded with Startme Fellowship.
  • Do I need to be incorporated?
    No, you do not need to be incorporated to apply for the Startme Accelerator Program. However, incorporation of enterprises can be encouraged and supported during the investment processes. The program embraces entrepreneurs at different stages and offers incentives to those who want to transition to the incorporation process.
  • At what stage should my Enterprise be in order to apply?
    The Startup Accelerator Program is designed to support entrepreneurs at all stages. Your startup may be at an early stage or at a more advanced point; The program is designed to provide appropriate support and guidance to entrepreneurs at different stages.
  • Will I secure an investment?
    The Startup Accelerator Program offers the opportunity to invest in successfully completed startups on one's own initiative. You also have the opportunity to receive investments from potential investors during the Demoday event. Teams that earn the title of Startme Fellow, in addition to successfully completing the program, have the right to participate in all Startme events indefinitely and access the investor database, which increases the possibility of receiving investment.
  •  How long does the application process take and how does it proceed?
    The application process begins with filling out the online application form for potential participants. If approved, candidates are invited to an online interview and evaluation session lasting between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Applicants who successfully complete this stage have the right to participate in the program after receiving the approval of the board.
  • Will I pay a fee to participate in the program?
    No, the Startme Accelerator Program is completely free. There is no fee for entrepreneurs to participate in the program. There is no financial obligation to apply to the program and receive support.
  • On what subjects is consultancy provided in the Startme Accelerator Program?
    Within the scope of the program, comprehensive training services are provided to entrepreneurs in the areas of business model and strategy, marketing and customers, finance and valuation, business management and team development, scaling and investment.
  • What are the main advantages gained at the end of the program?
    Entrepreneurs who successfully complete the program gain advantages such as establishment and seed capital opportunities, strategic management and marketing consultancy. We also facilitate their access to global opportunities and Grant Funds.
  • Does the entire Startme Accelerator Program take place face to face?
    Yes, the Startme Accelerator Program takes place entirely face to face. Entrepreneurs accepted to the program have the opportunity to meet face to face with leading ecosystem mentors in the industry during an intensive 1.5-month period. This experience is supported by comprehensive training programs that provide guidance at every stage of the business world.

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