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Warm developments from StartMe during the cold first days of the year! 🌍 

🚀 At StartMe, the first advisory board meeting of 2024 took place with the participation of our Board Members Anıl Atılgan, Emre Başkan, Suat Metin, Hakkı Özgür Sıvacı, and Advisory Board Members Itir Erhart, Rana Birden, Dr. Huseyin Guler.

Believing in the unifying power of innovation, entrepreneurship, and impact, StartMe supports impact ideas and ventures focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by providing accelerator impact, capital, and networking opportunities, enabling them to grow within a fair ecosystem.

StartMe aims to achieve its vision of becoming the Architect of the Sustainable Venture Ecosystem by shaping business models based on sustainability and designing the impact generation model of the future.

We thank everyone who enables us to spread this impact. Hoping that our ideas and enthusiasm will lead us to sustainable tomorrows.


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