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Sustainable Development Goals: #4 Quality Education

Quality education is one of the Sustainable Development Goals aimed at ensuring access to education for everyone, promoting equality and inclusivity in education, improving the quality of teaching and educational infrastructure, fostering global awareness of issues, encouraging innovation and technology use, supporting vocational skills and employment, promoting sustainability awareness, and preserving cultural heritage.

Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma Amaçları Nitelikli Eğitim

4.1 Accessible and inclusive education: Access to quality education should be ensured for everyone, regardless of age, gender, disability, or socio-economic background.

4.2 Literacy and skill development: All students should acquire basic literacy and numeracy skills, learn to use current digital technologies, and gain skills that promote lifelong learning.

4.3 Equity: Equality in educational opportunities should be ensured, with a priority given to disadvantaged groups such as girls, marginalized communities, and refugees.

4.4 Quality teaching: Qualified teachers should be employed, and teacher training and support programs should be strengthened.

4.5 Improvement of educational infrastructure: Schools should be safe, accessible, and equipped with appropriate educational materials.

4.6 Global citizenship: Students should develop awareness and understanding of global issues and sustainability topics.

4.7 Innovation and technology use: Innovative approaches and the use of technology in education should be encouraged, and digital educational tools and resources should be provided.

4.8 Vocational skills and employment: Students should have opportunities to develop the necessary vocational skills for professional life and access employment.

4.9 Sustainability awareness: Students should gain awareness of environmental issues, sustainability, and the preservation of natural resources.

4.10 Cultural heritage and local knowledge: The preservation, evaluation, and use of cultural heritage and local knowledge should be encouraged in the learning process.

"The Global Goals official website has been used as a source."

"The Global Goals official website has been used as a source."


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