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Sustainable Development Goals: #15 Life on Land

The United Nations aims to protect biodiversity and make ecosystems sustainable worldwide through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). One of these goals is "Life on Land." This objective aims to preserve terrestrial ecosystems, forests, deserts, and other land areas, and sustainably manage the richness of biodiversity.

Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma Amaçları KARASAL YAŞAM

The following items explain and summarize the main objectives and important points of the "Life on Land" goal. Achieving these objectives is a significant step towards preserving terrestrial ecosystems and ensuring their sustainable use.

  1. Conservation and restoration of forests: Aims to protect forest areas, prevent deforestation, and restore degraded areas.

  2. Prevention and reversal of desertification: Aims to implement methods to combat desertification and restore desertified areas.

  3. Conservation of biodiversity: Targets the preservation of wildlife, protection of endangered species, and prevention of biodiversity loss.

  4. Development of conservation areas like Natura 2000: Aims to establish and manage special conservation areas, protecting environmentally and biologically valuable regions.

  5. Combatting wildlife trafficking: Aims to prevent illegal hunting of wildlife, reduce illegal trade, and enhance conservation efforts.

  6. Sustainable fishing: Aims to promote sustainable fishing practices and ensure the sustainable management of marine resources.

  7. Conservation of natural habitats: Aims to preserve natural habitats and wetlands, ensuring the sustainability of ecosystems.

  8. Ecological restoration: Aims to restore degraded ecosystems, restore ecological balance, and enhance natural habitats.

  9. Control of invasive species: Aims to prevent the spread of invasive species that harm ecosystems and keep them under control.

  10. Community involvement and awareness: Aims to increase community participation in natural environments and raise awareness about sustainable use of natural resources.

Achieving this goal involves the sustainable management of lands, forests, and deserts while preserving the richness of biodiversity. Additionally, it contributes to combating climate change and maintaining the balance and health of natural ecosystems.

"The Global Goals official website has been used as a source."


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