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Sustainable Development Goals: #11 Sustainable Cities and Communities

The United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aim to build a sustainable future worldwide. The eleventh goal is "Sustainable Cities and Communities." This goal aims to enhance the sustainability of cities by improving people's quality of life and creating an inclusive, universal, safe, and green future.

Sürdürülebilir Kalkınma Amaçları Sürdürülebilir Şehirler ve Topluluklar

The following points summarize the main goals and critical aspects of the "Sustainable Cities and Communities" objective:

Urban planning and design: The objective is to construct livable and accessible cities by embracing principles of sustainable urban planning and design.

Urban infrastructure and services: The aim is to ensure the sustainability of urban infrastructure and services such as clean water, sanitation, energy, and transportation.

Conservation of urban environment and natural resources: The goal is to protect green spaces, natural habitats, and water resources while reducing environmental pollution.

Poverty reduction: The objective is to combat urban poverty, provide support to disadvantaged groups, and promote social inclusivity.

Urban disaster preparedness: The focus is on creating resilient cities, implementing disaster risk management, and facilitating effective response during crisis situations.

Preservation of cultural heritage: The aim is to safeguard cultural heritage sites and historical areas, promote cultural diversity, and strengthen local identity.

Sustainable transportation: The objective is to develop sustainable transportation systems, encourage public transportation, and enhance energy efficiency.

Urban safety and gender equality: The goal is to ensure safety in urban areas, promote gender equality, and support the participation of all individuals.

Participatory and sustainable urban governance: The aim is to adopt participatory and transparent governance practices, fostering the participation of local communities in decision-making processes.

Global urban collaboration: The objective is to create a network of sustainable cities through experience sharing, technical support, and collaboration among countries and cities.

The goal of sustainable cities and communities provides a fundamental roadmap for a human-centered, green, and inclusive future. Achieving this goal requires strong collaborations and partnerships among local governments, urban planners, civil society organizations, the private sector, and individuals. By realizing this objective, cities become more livable, people's living standards are elevated, and environmental sustainability is ensured.

"The Global Goals official website has been used as a source."


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