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Sustainable Development Goal #12: Responsible Production and Consumption

The United Nations has set the main objective of using resources sustainably and promoting sustainable lifestyles worldwide through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The twelfth goal among these is "Responsible Production and Consumption." This goal aims to take steps to support efficient use of natural resources, reduce waste and environmental impacts, and increase access to sustainable products for consumers.

sürdürülebilir kalkınma amaçları sorumlu üretim ve tüketim

The following items explain the main objectives and key points of the "Responsible Production and Consumption" goal:

  1. Resource efficiency: Aimed at supporting efficient use of resources, reducing waste, and mitigating negative impacts on the environment.

  2. Sustainable production methods: Striving to promote the use of clean technologies, reduce environmentally harmful production processes, and adopt sustainable production methods.

  3. Reducing food waste: Intends to utilize food resources efficiently, reduce wastage, and combat global hunger.

  4. Sustainable supply chains: Aiming to ensure the sustainability of supply chains from production to consumption, promote fair trade, and reduce environmental impacts.

  5. Pollution reduction: Targets the reduction of air, water, and soil pollution, improvement of waste management, and support for eco-friendly practices.

  6. Sustainable consumption habits: Focused on changing consumption patterns, preferring sustainable products, and popularizing conscious consumer behavior.

  7. Rational use of resources: Aims to use water, energy, and natural resources sustainably, and increase energy and water efficiency.

  8. Environmental awareness and education: Aiming to raise environmental awareness within society, promote education and awareness programs on sustainability issues.

  9. Corporate sustainability: Encourages companies to fulfill their social, environmental, and economic responsibilities, embrace sustainability principles, and engage in transparent reporting.

  10. National and global cooperation: Intends to enhance collaboration between countries and international organizations, facilitate technology transfer, and support policies that promote responsible production and consumption.

These items summarize the main objectives and key points of the "Responsible Production and Consumption" goal.

"The Global Goals official website has been used as a source."


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