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Inan Acıloğlu and Gözde Venedik were with us!

🚀Last weekend at the StartMe Accelerator Program, we delved into productivity in the business world with Inan Acıloğlu. We had a comprehensive discussion on how digital transformation is changing organizations, impacting business processes and structures, and the role of ventures in this context.

Later in the day, with Gözde Venedik, we talked about Help Steps' journey and "Growth and Scaling in Ventures." Besides the valuable insights shared, it was wonderful to get acquainted with Help Steps. Finding value in our daily steps has become part of the routine for the StartMe family. 🎉 

After Suat Metin's presentation titled 'What Investors Want' on Sunday, our ventures are now more knowledgeable about investor profiles and approaches than ever before.

Finally, we would like to thank all our speakers and participants!💪🚀


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