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This Privacy Policy applies to all individuals ("Users") using the website ("Website") owned by İnova İş Çözümleri ve Danışmanlık Anonim Şirketi ("Company"). Additionally, this Privacy Policy will also be applicable to Users who utilize a mobile application, if applicable.

The Company does not share personal data and information obtained through the Website or otherwise provided by Users with third parties, except in the cases specified in this Privacy Policy and the relevant Information Notice regarding Personal Data on the Website. The Company does not use such data for any commercial purposes other than those specified and does not transfer them to third parties.

Personal data and confidential information of Users will only be disclosed to official authorities if required by law and in accordance with the applicable mandatory legislation.

In order to ensure the security of personal data and confidential information provided by Users to the Company or acquired by the Company, as well as the security of all transactions carried out on the Website, suitable technical and administrative measures have been taken within the systems and internet infrastructure of our Company or the relevant organization, considering the nature of the information and transaction, technological capabilities, and cost factors.

It is acknowledged that the personal data shared by the User with the Company belongs to the User.

The Company may update, modify, or terminate the provisions of this Privacy Policy at any time. Each updated, modified, or terminated provision will be effective for the User as of the publication date. The User's continued use of the Website following any changes will be deemed as the User's consent to such changes.

Thank you for your attention.

İnova İş Çözümleri ve Danışmanlık Anonim Şirketi

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